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  Choosing A Wine

We have found that when people set out to choose a wine they generally start from one of two categories: Grape Varietal, i.e. “I feel like having Chardonnay tonight” OR Country of Origin, as in “Let’s see what they have on the list from Italy”. Since many countries – mostly European – label their wines according to region, not grape variety content, it can be difficult to explore wine without memorizing what grapes are grown where. We have organized our list first by grape variety then by country. Under each specific country all wines are listed by their region which includes their specific grape content. We have also come up with some unique categories such as "Rhone Rangers" and "Aromatic Whites" to describe wines that do not fit into just varietal or country of origin categories. Our knowledgable staff and sommelier are always available to guide you though the list and help you make the perfect selection.

~ Vino Rosina

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